interCAD® 365

View and share Schematic, Layout, Gerber, ODB++, DWG (DXF) drawings.

interCAD® 365

  • interCAD® 365 is a special subscription service that offers all interCAD® products 365 days a year at a reasonable price.
  • SMEs⑴ - (Company with annual sales of $150M or less)
  • interCAD® 365 Basic Price
  • interCAD® 365 Basic Price
  • interCAD® 365 Basic Price

Main function

Simple and Intuitive Schematic and PCB Data Check

  • With the same performance as the ECAD design tool, you can check design data without a dedicated design tool.

    Link with OrCAD Capture, PADS Designer, Xpedition Designer are supported, and cross- navigation and selection are available while bringing the Schematic and PCB at the same time.

Supported data formats

  • interCAD® 365 설명이미지
    Supported Schematic Formats
  • interCAD® 365 설명이미지
    Supported PCB Formats
  • interCAD® 365 설명이미지

Quick search and check net length, trace width, component properties and dimensions

  • Even if you are not a design expert, any user can easily and accurately search ECAD design data and check net length, trace width, component properties, and dimensional information.
    • Easy/convenient layer setting through Quick Menu
    • Search for parts/nets
    • Select parts/nets and check information
    • Measure parts/nets distance

Compare Design Data

  • Easily find differences between current design and previous design with a single click.
    interCAD® 365 설명이미지

RefDes Silkscreen Overlap Checking (DFM)

  • Design errors can be reduced by visually verifying design errors which may occur during PCB manufacturing.
    • Inspect overlapping of Silkscreen, Solder Mask, and Drill Hole
    • Inspect RefDes Text Size
    • RefDes difference order check of parts
    • Inspect RefDes Mirror depends on the arrangement of parts
    • Inspect Reference parts

Safe and easy sharing of design data

  • For collaboration, shared/distributed EDA design documents can be encrypted so that unauthorized users cannot read or print them.
    • Password and date restrictions
    • Prevent screen capture and printing
    • Filtering MAC address
    • Hide component/net property values
    • Create EXE file contains viewer and data
    • Create an IXD file that can be opened by interCAD Reader

The Most Complete PCB Translator

  • PCB design data read through interCAD Editor can be completely converted without errors or cracks.
    • PADS Layout
    • Allegro PCB Designer
    • Board Station Layout
    • Xpedition Layout (will soon update)
    • Altium Designer Layout (will soon update)
    • Zuken Layout (will soon update)

Products installed by default in interCAD 365

  • interCAD® Basic and Probe 설명이미지
    interCAD® Basic
    Between several types of design tools, ECO (To-Layout), Cross-Probing, Forward Annotation can be supported. No error design can be prepared by verifying causative human errors.
    It is software that can innovatively shorten the design speed by providing automotive functions that can not supported by ECAD tools.
  • interCAD® Basic and Probe 설명이미지
    interCAD® Wizard
    If you input the geometric information of a circuit part, an ECAD library of the part is automatically created. It allows development engineers to create a standard library without having low quality of development and human errors. (will soon update)

interCAD® 365 subscription service

Target SMEs (company’s annual sales of $150M or less) for incumbent employees
License Noded-Lock Type (MAC Address of the PC to be installed)
Contract Replaced by End-User License Agreement (EULA) in the installer
Sale 10% discount for 3 accounts (or more) and over a year
Payment Payment is possible for annually (e-tax invoice can be issued)
Maintenance All technical support (visit or remote) is provided free of charge during the subscription service period
Exclusion If you are a medium-sized company or a large company, please contact
  • Try the interCAD® 365 subscription service today!

    E-mail: Tel: +82 (0)70-8856-2412
interCAD® Registation

interCAD® Registation account can be created only to customers who purchased the interxsoft product,
If there is no product purchase history of interxsoft it will reject the account registration.