Through IXD file, you can share several ECAD application design data
(Schematic, Layout, ODB++, Gerber)
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    IXD file is CAD file format developed to share documents contain ECAD design data
    between users who use different ECAD application.

    Electronics designers having difficulties verifying each other's schematic design data because they use a variety of ECAD programs.
    To resolve these difficulties, we provide IXD File and free dedicated viewer that exclusively for ECAD document which able to view and share design data (Schematic, Layout) regardless of ECAD applications.

Free IXD Viewer

  • Use the freely distributed interCAD Reader to support reading and
    printing IXD format files in which you can view, sign, collaborate, and annotate IXD data.
  • Date: May 24, 2024 Size: 16.9Mbyte
    By clicking on the “Free Download interCAD Reader”, you have read and agree with all terms and conditions.

IXD Features

  • IXD file can be provided and shared Schematic, Layout, ODB++, Gerber in to one document to partner's regardless of ECAD program.
  • No Design Data Loss
  • Even when Schematic, Layout, ODB++, Gerber data created in the ECAD program used
    combined into one IXD file, the integrity of the original design drawing can be maintained.
  • Design Security
  • Provide powerful security features to prevent external exposure of sharing design data.
    • Limit Properties information of design
    • Restricted Area
    • Prevent exposure by giving the PC's unique Mac Address
    • Limit dates to prevent document exposure
    • Prevents data depending on network connection
    • Password
  • Design Review
  • To prevent communication errors during working through email or phone, we support
    a 'Review' function that allows designers to write their opinions.
  • File Attachment
  • We support sending design data and document as one file by attaching document that
    need to be referenced during work to the IXD file.

How to Share ECAD Design Data Using IXD Files

  • If you need to read ECAD design data without ECAD application, you can save the design data as ixd file and open it with interCAD Reader.
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